Saturday, January 1, 2011


Dear readers,

This site is dedicated to show information that would generally not be shown in mainstream media. Although a lot of it may be bias to the fact that I am Egyptian and therefore Arab, that does not necessarily mean that the information I post is not based on fact, or without a viable source of reference to validate my arguments and political points of view.

Therefore, I wouldn't describe situations from the perspective of what an Arab would say about the situation, or even what I myself would think about it (although I may quote extracts of reactions given by certain Arabs to maintain context), rather I would illustrate the situation from an argumentative approach to clarify and explain it based on reports and sources that usually get filtered out on our regular T.V., radio, and newspaper channels.

I live in a Western country and the information I am provided with is quite shameful to say the least. During the historical events of the Egyptian revolution that unfolded recently (arguably one of the biggest events this century will witness), Australian T.V. and newspapers focused on describing the trauma that Australian tourists experienced due to the fact that they had to be temporarily flown to Germany. Mainstream media preferred to report on mediocre accounts of our tourist's inconveniences rather than the stories unfolding in Tahrir Square where human beings were standing their ground weaponless against a brutal police force that had oppressed the people for three decades.
Australian media showed they really couldn't care too much about it when they dedicated five minute segments to such a large scale political upheaval that had the entire world tuning in to CNN and Aljazeera for hours on end.

Another example was the massacre of 1,300 innocent men, women and children in the small strip of Gaza in January of 2009 which was described as a "war" on two fronts, and many of the reports claimed that there was a "defensive" strategy imposed while illegal white-phosphorous chemical weapons were sprayed into densely populated areas such as schools and hospitals..

My main aim is to balance out the information that is fed by Western media to depict a truth behind the situations in the region, and not a perspective that would hope to give as many clicks or views on the site.

I hope with an open mind, you will be able to make up your own decisions about what is happening in the region because it actually does affect us all in one way or another, even though you may have been told otherwise.

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