Saturday, February 5, 2011

Why were news reporters being attacked in Egypt?

Journalists have mainly been targeted by pro-government "protesters" (or thugs if you like).

There are plenty of articles and comments from the Guardian UK, BBC, Reuters and Al-Jazeera to confirm that the moment the pro-Mubarak group entered the barricade in Tahrir square, they had two targets: firstly, any foreigners carrying cameras and voice recorders and secondly, the peaceful protesters.

Some of these pro-government "protesters" were detained and found to be in possession of their ID cards that prove that they were in fact the police force that withdrew from the crowds on Friday last week.

This was not a spontaneous reaction, rather a well drilled, well organised series of attacks targeted specifically at the media and the peaceful protesters.

There were also reports of the main lights in the square turned off during the night.

History has shown that these are common protocols when a larger group or organisation is preparing to do a horrific injustice to innocent people without any witnesses from the international community.

This “horrific injustice” may have just been the subsequent attacks made on the protesters directly after the attacks on journalists during the same assault.

That failed on two accounts: the pro-Mubarak thugs were not able to force the protestors to retreat, but also that media footage managed to be filtered out and released showing the despicable acts made by the plain-clothed government officials.

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