Sunday, January 11, 2015

What incentives does Israel offer Jewish settlers to live in the Occupied Palestinian Territories rather than Israel?

Jewish settlers in Occupied Palestinian Territories are quite different to those who live in Israel Proper, or even the Jewish diaspora.

Those who live in Tel Aviv are known to be more involved in their own personal civil challenges on a day to day basis. They love their shopping and are more concerned about the increase in housing prices than the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Regarding the conflict, there are common differences which mainly depend on whether they are secular Jews or religious Jews.

American Jews have a definitive split in opinions between leftists and conservative right-wingers that generally revolve around either supporting the BDS movement (leftists) or have the impression that Israel is a tiny state surrounded by hostile Arab countries who want to push Jews to the sea (right-wingers).

Jewish settlers are a very different kind of people. They are known to be the "pioneers" of the future Eretz Israel, and the "front line" of the land expansions. They require little incentives from the Israeli government and, more astonishingly, sometimes break Israeli law when erecting their own makeshift homes which are unapproved by Israeli building authorities.

Many are radical in nature, banding together as thugs who's primary goal is to make Palestinians feel unwelcome in the hopes they leave the land for them. Settlers are equipped with M-16 assault rifles and are allowed to use them at their own discretion.

Here are some examples of the radicalism:

"We killed Jesus and we're proud of it"

Settler woman & children harass Palestinian homes

Settler children encouraged to harass Palestinians:

Report from Aljazeera about the constant harassment