Friday, September 14, 2001

The Irony of 9/11

Safely to say, all Muslims as a whole completely condemn the taking of innocent lives. It is against all humanity and all reason on earth.

Sadly to say, the world we live in creates scenarios where such acts are carried out simply from pure hatred and despise. Unfortunately these acts occur on such nations as the United States for the deprivation of freedom that their government warrants on weaker nations. The U.S. government's persistence on sanctions proved only to back fire in their faces.

If it has not become obvious already, these attacks were aimed directly at the U.S. Government itself... What makes the U.S. government so powerful are the very buildings that were bombarded. It was an incident waiting to happen and no one is to be blamed but the U.S. government itself. While this government hides behind their civilians using remote weaponry such as nuclear ammunition against their enemies, extremists find their methods the only means of retaliation.

Many innocent people died that day, and all were mourned world wide. Not to mourn them would be regarded heartless, yet the world fails to notice the increasing death tolls of other nations who see these chain of events on a daily basis. Completely defenseless, these forgotten people are, if anything, among the accused for these horrific events in the U.S.

The U.S. President is so bold in proclaiming a promise that the "terrorist extremists" involved, would be wiped off the planet. What better way to threaten this group of people than with his atomic bombs, hence killing millions of other innocent men, women, and children.
Strange though that this act would be credited, and considered "justice" rather than act of hatred from another "terrorist extremist". But who could possibly call the President of the U.S. such a thing? The seemingly invulnerable defense of his government has proven to be vulnerable, and the President is acting out of pure hatred and despise.

The U.S. boasts about its power and greatness, yet this power is abused, only to use it as a means of threatening any nation that stands up to it. If the U.S. is a real pillar of strength they would have stopped the massacre of hundreds and thousands of innocent men, women, and children currently dying in places such as the West Bank and Gaza a long time ago. The onslaught that Israelis persist on having, continues to happen, and many people are powerless to help. The only nation capable of stopping this watches as these regions collapse in front of their own eyes.
"A state of siege has been imposed not only on the West Bank and Gaza, but also within these territories, to transform each village, town, and city into an isolated prison thereby destroying every aspect of human life, including economic, educational, health, and social cohesiveness in an attempt to sever every fiber of the fabric of normal life. Israeli occupation troops using tanks, helicopter gun ships, F-16s, military barges, and checkpoints not only render a whole Palestinian population captive in 64 isolated Bantustans, they also use the full force of their military power against a vulnerable and defenseless people. Daily, they shell Palestinian homes, assassinate Palestinian activists and leaders, destroy crops and fields, indulge in cold-blooded murder of children and other innocents while implementing a policy of deliberate humiliation and suffocation at every checkpoint...

Onslaughts on Christian and Islamic holy sites and activities while banning Palestinian worshipers from reaching their holy places of worship betray a willful policy of intolerance and a violation of the right and freedom to worship...

In Jerusalem, land expropriation, ID confiscations, home demolitions, withholding of building permits, and the importation of settler colonies within and around the city have become constant elements of Israel's demographic engineering through ethnic cleansing."
[Hannan Ashrawi - Spokesperson for Palestine]

With the U.S. Government providing the artillery to Israeli forces, what possible choice do the Palestinian resistance have? A rock to throw back...
Hardly an even contest, yet somehow a false symmetry has managed to be manufactured, and the media proclaims the calls on both sides to stop the violence as though they are both guilty of warfare.

With all these occurrences, who sympathizes? Only the Muslims and Arabs around the world, and those who know the truth. Many of us wish to stand up to these horrific violations of humanity, but are powerless to do so.

The U.S. government have the technology and the authority, along with the egotistic sense of power, yet are contempt with the current situations and only persist to allow these inhuman acts to continue.

There is no sense of guilt. The one nation that can help stop the occurrence of these crude incidents are not allowing a strand to fall out of place from their neatly brushed hair for the sake of those in need outside their own soil.

They feel the world must stand still on a heart beat for the sake of their own citizens, yet care nothing less for the people beyond their borders.

We Muslims and Arabs alike sympathize for the human race, and condemn anyone guilty of the crimes and punishments that occur around the world. If the U.S. fail to sympathize for us and for the rest of the world's war torn cities, then why do they expect the world to sympathize for them? Yet we all still do.

The people who argue these statements believe that as long as the Muslims and Arabs stay quiet they will gain the respect of the U.S. government. The fact is the U.S. have always portrayed us as an evil nation, and no matter what happens their media will continue to try to show this.

The real question is do the Muslims and Arabs really need the respect of a country that will never accept them no matter how hard they try to gain this esteem? If people want to listen they will listen.

We respect ourselves, our religion, our God, and our fellow people of the human race. That stands above all, no matter who we have to please to achieve it. We need to prove nothing, but simply believe that our nation is strong and will remain strong, as long as we believe it to be strong. No atomic bomb can overcome this strength.

We live in a world where many innocent lives are taken every day. Expecting someone to approach us saying everything will be fine, will prevent us from seeing the reality.