Friday, March 11, 2011

Anti-semitism and Anti-humanitarian

Many Israelis talk about the UN General Assembly being anti-Semitic. Incidentally, just about anyone who opposes or condemns Israel for events that have taken place in its history are considered anti-Semitic.

Looking at Israel's actions over the past few decades, can we justify the use of white-phospheous chemical weapons resulting in the deaths of 1300 men, women and children in 2009?

This chemical weapon is illegal, and was one of the excuses used to invade Iraq based on "weapons of mass destruction".

During the siege on Gaza it was used on densely populated areas such as schools and hospitals and the UN Resolution 1860 called for an immediate cease fire. Would we consider that resolution anti-Semitic or did the International Community have a case against international war crimes?

What about UN Resolution 1322 when Ariel Sharon's visit to the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the subsequent violence had resulted in the deaths of over 80 Palestinian civilians? Is it anti-Semitic for anyone to condemned that?

What about UN Resolution 904 as a result of the "Cave of the Patriarchs" massacre that occurred in 1994 when 29 worshippers were killed, with more than 125 wounded in the Mosque of Ibrahim in Hebron. Is it anti-Semitic for anyone to condemned that?

What about UN Resolution 799 condemning the deportation of 413 Palestinians by Israel in the occupied territories. Is it anti-Semitic for anyone to condemned that?

What about UN Resolution 672 with the massacre that took place in Al-Aqsa Mosque 1990, killing civilians and worshippers, and injuring hundreds more. Is it anti-Semitic for anyone to condemned that?

What about the treaty of the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons that Israel have ignored?

The UN has also condemned Hamas for not investigating the rockets fired over their borders, and condemned the Libyan President for being a delusional dictator, and has condemned Liberian President in 2005 for killing innocent people, and has condemned South Africa's apartheid pre-1994, and has condemned the Lebanese military for their horrific acts in 1982. There are also countless UN Resolutions on Somalia, Ivory Coast, Afghanistan, East Timor, Iraq, and even against Al-Qaida (even though they confidently justify their own actions as being provoked).

Numerous UN resolutions about an endless list of war crimes world-wide have been drafted because ultimately the UN is the voice of the world. They aren't a body with their own independent members created as a "hate group" specifically for Israel. If Israel causes genocide on numerous occasions we will see numerous reactions from the International Community.

With all these condemnations on acts occurring around the world, why is Israel innocent of the ones they commit?

Why is Israel immune to condemnation from an assembly that was established to prevent crimes such as those that were committed by Nazi-Germany?

Why is Israel exempt from the International Laws that were created to prevent what happened to them in WWII?

Anti-Semitism is a perfect term to ensure no one questions crimes that would otherwise be deemed anti-humanitarian.

Ronnie Barkan, 34, son of a holocaust survivor explains it perfectly:
"I think that the main lesson to be learned from the Holocaust is 'never again to anybody' not 'never again to the Jews.'"


  1. There seems to be a sense of irony with the words “anti-semitism” and “anti-humanitarianism.” But there’s a fine line and no one wants to put blame where blame is merited for crimes against humanity.

    I have a video dealing with Middle Eastern politics I think you might be interested in embedding and commenting on your website: The video looks at different perspectives on the protests in Yemen and how they’re turning violent.

    I hope you can find some use for the video. Let me know if you have any questions.

    Thanks for your time.
    Joey Soto Jr.

  2. Thank you for your valuable input Joseph. The video you provided is definately relevant when considering crimes against humanity. I also have a couple of drafts written up about Libyan extremism from their dictator Ghadaffi as well as Bahrain's apartheid government ruling as Sunni minority over the Shia majority, and how Saudi Arabia are ensuring that their power remains in the region.

    Keep an eye out for these.

  3. I just can't help wondering: Does the UN habitually condemn other nations when they do what the UN accuses Israel of doing?

  4. Absolutely. There are many resolutions on the situations in Somalia, Ivory Coast, Afghanistan, Libya, Liberia, East Timor, Iraq, and repetitively deploring the lack of regard to adhere to the UN affirmations:

    There are many more Security Resolutions here:

    But again as I stressed, if Israel causes genocide on numerous occasions we will see numerous reactions from the International Community and that doesn't necessarily mean that other countries are ignored. It just means that Israel has just as much obligation to adhere to the demands of the UN rather than pointing the finger at others to say "what about them", because they are all equally responsible.

  5. I looked over all Adel Helal's fine research concerning resolutions by the UN. Did I miss the ones on rocket attacks on Israel, and suicide bombs in Israel and disguising bombers in ambulences and using citizenry as human shields, includingblowing up guardes at checkpoints and preventing the Red Cross from visiting Gilat, and launching weapons in close proximity to hospitals and mosques in order to draw enemy fire into these places, for example?

  6. See the difference here is that Arabs are openly condemning the terrorist attacks made by Arab extremism. A suicide bomb on a bus is against the religion of Islam because it involves the murder of innocent human beings.

    When organisations like Al-Qaeda and the Salafis do horrific things, we say "sorry". When Israel is guilty of horrific terrorist acts, you say "what about the Arabs".

    You can point the finger all you want, we will apologise for the minority who are reacting inappropriately to the illegal occupation and illegal checkpoints that have been established by Israel, but while you divert the attention away from another reality in order to justify the genocide on innocent Arabs, that in itself is support for terrorism.

    Are you willing to own up to your government's actions and denounce their regime just like the Arabs have done throughout the entire Middle East? Or are you going to wait for another excuse that will provide the means to justify more collective punishment?