Thursday, March 3, 2011

Diary: Arabs and Jews alike

With the many heated discussions I have had about the general Arab perspective on Jews in Israel, I can vouch that mainstream Arabs and Muslims will attest to my statements.

Just to be clear, I am not specifically anti-Zionist, neither would I be anti-Semite. In fact that would be impossible, because I myself am a Semite. Most Jews forget that Semites are Arabs, Jews, Aramaic and Phoenicians, so that word cannot be used synonymously with anti-Jewish sentiments.

I am in fact humanitarian, and believe, as do many, that Israel as it stands today is not fit to govern a multicultural society because so many war crimes have occurred under its governing powers.

Governments above all have a responsibility, and that is why Israel have been asked to be brought forth before the International Criminal Court for charges of war crimes and lack of regard for the Fourth Geneva Convention.

There is already so much noise about the condemnation of Arab terrorism which is why it is pointless for me to create more noise. Even though we are put under the spotlight to ensure we publicly condemn their acts, and do so willfully, the same is not done in the Western world for the crimes committed against humanity by the Israeli government; worse, rather than condemnation, there is justification.

As an Arab, I strongly condemn Arab terrorism as do the majority of the Arab world, which is why they are all currently fighting regimes. It is not enough for mainstream Jews to give the proverbial "slap on the wrist" to their leaders. They should also be denouncing the Israeli government. That would provide the purest unity between the Arab and Jewish people.

That is what the International Community wants: Mainstream Jewish condemnation. Not the justification of the 2009 Gaza siege; not the justification of the destruction of Palestinian infrastructure; not the justification of the 2000 Al-Aqsa Mosque massacre committed by Ariel Sharon; not the justification of the 1967 invasions of Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and the Palestinian Lands.

When the world points to us about Al-Qaeda, we say "sorry". When the world points to Israel, they say "what about the Arabs".

Delusional quotes like "people are boycotting Israel just like Nazi Germany did because the thought that Jews should be allowed to have rights and freedoms is anathema to them" is exactly why the world is frustrated. These people are talking about the Turks, Swedes, Venezuelans, Brazilians, South Africans, Canadians and so many more who are boycotting a criminal government. Do Israelis really think it’s because they unconditionally detest Jews?

Furthermore, we are continually reminded of the necessity to sympathise for the Jewish needs because of the Holocaust.

Hitler believed in the "pure" human race. That meant that he persecuted Jews, Arabs and Muslims, Homosexuals, and even "half-breed" Germans. The pop culture of today has taken a significant stand on sympathy for Jewish trauma alone. People even forget Stalingrad where millions of Russian civilians were also killed during WWII by the Nazis, and the countless refugees and homeless scattered throughout the world as a result of the largest war seen in modern history.

From a Muslim's perspective, we believe that the Hebrew Messiah Issa will return to rule Jerusalem and will establish a land of peace. The majority of Islamic teachings is based on Hebrew Prophecies and in the continuation of the Abrahamic faiths. We also believe that the Hebrews were chosen by God.

However the problem is that Israel has been established by Zionism, not by Judaism, otherwise the death tolls and displacements would never have been so excessive. It’s not because Arabs detest the thought of Jews being in the land, but because Arabs have been squeezed out of a land they originally shared with the Jews.

Ultimately, the sooner Israelis claim ownership on their own criminal acts, just as Arabs have over the last decade, the sooner peace will being to take shape in the region.

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