Wednesday, October 10, 2001

Terrorist acts

What does the U.S. government hope to achieve by all these raids on the cities of Afghanistan? Do they really think if they keep bombing Taliban resources with air and ground strikes they will hope to find Bin Ladin amongst the many dead bodies found after their assault? Over 30 innocent have already been reported on the second day of the “American Terrorist Act” including 4 United Nations’ representatives.
The U.S. has only shown the Middle East what has been constantly occurring for the past 50 years.

Gaining alliance with half the population of the world exclaiming, “You are either with us, or against us” provides a separation between supporters and non-supporters of the U.S. attacks.
If a nation fails to support the American occupation in Afghanistan, they are considered to be amongst those who commend ‘terrorist acts’.

The only thing these events have accomplished is to create a huge migration of refugees to the borders of Pakistan. The U.S. government is simply destroying the very aspects of freedom that these refugees need in the midst of their poverty.

Reports have mentioned this attack as simply a means of "unsettling" the Taliban forces. Though with all the U.S. government's promises of attacking Afghanistan in the past month, important Taliban leaders including Bin Ladin would have anticipated this attack weeks in advanced. These Taliban leaders would obviously be located in remote areas, far from these assaults.

These useless attempts of "unsettling" the Taliban, could be mirrored by the Sept. 11 attacks which contribute to the possibility that the cause was to also unsettle the American government. The U.S. claim those attempts proved to be a failure in “denting American pride”. What makes them think this attack would consequently unbalance the Taliban's overconfidence?

Successfully arresting Bin Ladin after so many buildings are crushed, and after so many people die in the aftermath, the U.S. government would rejoice in victory… what then?
Sentence Ossama Bin Ladin to life imprisonment? Execute a man who is willing to die for his extremist regime anyway? The only thing accomplished would be the rage of many more extremist supporters who would attempt to echo the efforts of September 11 in a far more brutal assault.

While the American government concentrates so firmly on Bin Ladin in a fit of rage, knowing their only goal is to confine him, they fail to see an outcome. The findings of why it was done in the first place were excluded.

Of the many interviews with White House representatives, the same conclusions were obtained. The simple theory that, “people like Bin Ladin cannot be reasoned with. They hold a sense of pure hatred towards America and its people” was enough for President Bush to order the attacks in Kabul. Yet a recent video released by the Taliban of a speech made by Bin Ladin, proclaimed that, in his own words Bin Ladin himself would not let the American people feel a sense of freedom in their own country so long as they continue to uphold their ridiculing views of the Arab world. Bin Ladin continues to say, “If there is no justice in the Arab world, there will be no peace between me and America”.

You don’t have to be a supporter of Bin Ladin’s brutal methodologies to understand that the U.S. government is going in the wrong direction. The solution that they are trying to find is far from their attempts in finding it.

As Bush so eloquently put it, “America was targeted for attack because we are the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity in the world”.

The results of these retaliations and the delusions of justification have only proven that terrorist acts don't necessarily have any distinction.