Friday, November 25, 2011

Why is Israel not a forebearer of human rights given Jewish history with the Nazis?

After the holocaust the Jews adopted a quote that is now found on some of their structures: "Never again"...

Never Again means first and foremost that Jews will never again go quietly and submissively to their deaths. Never Again means that Jews will not bend to the will of oppressors. Never Again is a motto shouted with the recognition that Jews are not commanded by God to be downtrodden and victimized - quite the opposite. Never Again is the motto of the post-Holocaust Jew, who knows that the world can be a dangerous place and that it often gets much more dangerous for Jews when they fail to assert their rights as human beings.


The problem with this quote is that it should have been more specific:
"Never again to anyone" not "Never again" to the Jews.

The "chosen people" as it were, believe that it is their God-given right to return to the land of Palestine to establish a state for the Jews. This is not a generic state, it is a state solely for the Jews. This is in contrast to countries described by their dominant nationality such as Turkey which is considered a Turkish state simply because of its majority. This Jewish state exists regardless of the demographics.

Technically speaking, those who believe in the concept of a God-given Jewish state have nothing against Arabs at all (in fact their zeal is focused more on Christians for the movements in Europe during the late 1800s / early 1900s); Arabs just so happen to inhabit the land they want.

As the Iron Wall teaches us (and as many in this movement today believe), the land must return to their own kind and be maintained by the Jews alone, at all costs, even if that cost is just as severe as the history that was inflicted upon them.

So there is no direct relationship between Nazi treatment and the belief that their race should have a Jewish state of their own, although it is a good means to gain simpathy for their cause.

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