Monday, August 10, 2015

Why don't the Palestinian refugees get Syrian citizenship?

It is an interesting question to pose as some may question Syria's moral stance with accepting the current status of these refugees on their land for the last 70 years. But the problem itself lies not with the temporary status of refugees and where they currently live, but rather why they were refugees in the first place.

It would be the same as asking why the 1000's of Syrian Refugees today that have fled to Turkey because of the Syrian regime's brutality against civilians were not given Turkish citizenship.

The problem isn't to solve the refugee status by accepting a brutal regime's existence and have the open-handed neighboring nations take on the population into their own society.

The real problem is to root out these regimes that created the refugees in the first place, not to encourage them to remain in power so long as someone else takes care of their issues.

Similarly, the Palestinian refugee problem isn't something that needs to be solved by those who were willing to give them refuge from oppression, but those oppressive regimes that created the refugee problem in the first place.
In this case, it is Israel that needs to deal with putting those who they displaced back where they belong. If Israel thinks that it cannot support such a massive influx of people into their nation, then they should have thought of that before creating a state at their expense in the first place.

The land belongs to two peoples. If Zionism only really cares to cater for only one, then they are unfit to rule the land that is shared by both.

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